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Welcome to my Stewart Equestrian website.


Stewart Equestrian Pty Ltd was established in 2017.


After a break from the sport imposed initially by Equine Influenza, I chose to return to my lifelong passion of Equestrian Sports.


I have been involved in the sport since I was 9 years old.

I started Initially with my Welsh Mountain Pony Evan, forging through Pony Club in Queensland where my interests were mainly Eventing and Showjumping. I progressed through to Pony Club eventing and captained the QLD Eventing Junior team at age 15. I also rode at QLD PC SJ Chamionships on board Spics & Specs.


I moved to Sydney at aged 18 and started training with Tina Wommelsdorf and George Sanna and within a few years was back competing at State Championships Eventing and Showjumping at our major shows on an OTT Straight Talk. After a relatively successful run eventing, I turned my focus onto Showjumping, as it was then, my weakest phase. Through persistence and quality coaching and mentoring, I developed into a very proficient National level rider but lacked the quality of horses to ride at the top level.


Fortunately, and with some assistance from Di Dawson, I got the ride on Schleswig Cognac who went on to be my first Grand Prix horse. He was also the horse that I won and placed in many World Cup events in the early 90’s. Cognac also got me onto two Australian teams and to represent my country and was FEI Rookie of the year in 1991.


I have been privileged to ride many horses over the years, all of them masters.


The best of them were Kavannagh and Whiz Kid.

Kavanagh, originally owned by Alan Carey, then ridden by Sandy and Penny Butt, Kev came to me as a 9 yo after a career as an eventer. His jump was never an issue. I was able to progress him through the grades quite quickly until he was jumping Grand Prix classes 18 months after I purchased him. He had incredible scope, talent, and a healthy aversion to timber. My coach, mentor and friend George Sanna helped me produce him and also rode him when in World Cup classes when I had eventing competitions that clashed.


Whiz Kid was purchased by a client from Mark Myers in QLD to event.

He was a quality Thoroughbred but was extremely sensitive. I took over the ride soon after purchase and has a meteoric return to eventing sweeping to the top of the sport in two years after a 10 year gap while concentrating on showjumping. He was the most courageous, bold, fast horse cross county, coupled with dressage talent which he enjoyed showing off. He was also a capable showjumper making him a real Olympic prospect before being sold to Belgium.


I have had many horses before and since and am thankful for all they have taught me.

I still today enjoy riding and competing in showjumping and attending equestrian events in every discipline. I also enjoy the breeding of Competition Sport Horses. My Stud is Trinity Sporthorses and I am excited by the young horses I am breeding.


I am a heavily committed volunteer for the sport and believe in giving back.

I am currently the Chairman of the EA Coaching Committee, Chair of Coaching NSW, Vice President of Sydney Showjumping club and represent the National EA Coaching Committee on the Sport Committee (a group of the Chairs from all of the NDC’s and Coaching).


I contribute at every level available to be able to help the sport grow and prosper and to leave a legacy to those riders that come behind me.

STEWART EQ Logo-01.png
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